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Colleague running the Virgin London Marathon

Posted on by Syd Bishop Team

Syd Bishop and Sons help support Paul run the London Marathon!

There is no denying that running a marathon is a huge commitment and achievement, with all the months of training and dieting to raise fitness levels, not to mention the mental preparation for the race. It’s a mammoth task that should not be taken on lightly.

That’s why here at Syd Bishop and Sons, we’re extremely proud to announce that our colleague, Paul White is going to be running the Virgin London Marathon on 13th April 2014 to raise money for the Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust that supports families with children who have bone conditions, such as brittle bone disease, bone cancer, arthritis as well as many other illnesses.

With funding coming solely from advertising, entry fees, sponsorship and advertising, The Virgin London Marathon is owned by the London Marathon Charitable Trust and is officially the biggest annual fundraising event on the planet!

Started in 1981 by Welsh athlete John Disley and former Olympic champion Chris Brasher, 7,747 runners took part in the first ever marathon. The race has since taken place every spring, with the most recent 2013 race attracting an impressive 34,000 people to take part in the 26 mile run, drawing crowds of more than 700,000.

In 2009/2010, a whopping £4.6 million was handed over to the Charitable Trust which is more than any other Marathon has ever made anywhere in the world. And the fact that every penny raised goes to charity is truly amazing!

So, thanks to the NFDC (National Federation of Demolition Contractors) we have been given a place to take part in this fantastic event whilst supporting Strongbones continue their great work in providing families with guidance on how these conditions can be made more manageable.

The team here at Syd Bishop and Sons will certainly be supporting Paul achieve his goal and we’re fully committed to helping Strongbones raise as much money as possible to help give the children a better quality of life, alleviating their pain and suffering.

So we’re asking you to please join us in this great cause. Whether it’s an individual donation made through Paul White’s Just Giving page or a larger organised event to help raise money, every single penny will be very much appreciated!

Good luck Paul!

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