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SGN Posted on October 09, 2015

Canterbury Gas Holder at night

Project: Canterbury Gas Holder

Project Location: Canterbury, Kent

Type of Demolition: Floor by Floor Dismantling

Recycling Rate 100%

Description of Project

We were required to demolish the Wiggins gas holder on Southern Gas Networks Canterbury site. Unlike the normal gas holders the Wiggins type gas holders are water less and retain the gas by using a rubber diaphragm.

Due to the close proximity of the railway line and neighbouring industrial estate we were required to fully enclose the holder using scaffold and dismantle the holder using hot cutting techniques.

Scope Of Works

  • Ground consolidation
  • Scaffolding
  • Removal of internal rubber diaphragm
  • Level by Level Dismantling using hot cutting techniques
  • Ground slab removal
  • Leveling of the site
  • Recycling

Wiggins Gas Holder


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