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The Watch It Come Down group gets FORS Silver!

Posted on by Syd Bishop Team

Syd Bishop and Sons are part of the wider Watch It Come Down group and we’re thrilled to announce that the group have been awarded the FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) silver accreditation this month! And considering it isn’t handed out readily to just anyone, we’re very proud of this achievement and wanted to share it with you all.

The FORS scheme supports safety within the workplace, in particular the dangers posed by vehicles. It is based on a number of standards such as environmental protection, lawfulness, efficiency and safety. In order to achieve Silver level accreditation, there is a strict set of criteria you need to meet:

Continue FORS bronze level

This involves fleet operations sustaining their initial bronze certification.

Encourage FORS standards

You must show dedication by providing written plans to highlight how you will promote the standards outlined by FORS across your business in order to comply with the schemes standards.

Staff training

There must be training plans in place for the development of drives and managers to highlight the importance of road safety in the work environment and operational competence.

This also involves considering the safety of vulnerable road users, especially for those drivers working in urban areas.

Performance measurements

There should be thorough observations of the following indicators:

-Fuel costs and usage worked out by the distance travelled.

-CO2 generation related to transport.

-The collated number of incidents and collisions as well as personal injury, vehicle or property damage costs.

-Transportation charges and fines.

Close vicinity safety apparatus

For vehicles over 3.5 GVW travelling in urban areas, there must be a programme in place for those exempt from side-guards, with blind-spot warnings either by camera or sensor to reduce amount of incidents.

Transportation fines and charges

Inspect all transport related fines and charges and introduce future actions in order to acknowledge any trends.

Appoint someone as fuel and emissions champion

Assign an individual to devise measures in order to improve current operational productivity and the impact on the surrounding environment by reducing fuel costs, CO2 and other emissions.

Incidents and collisions

Make sure that all incidents, near-misses and traffic collisions are inspected and actions are introduced to acknowledge any patterns and trends.

Once you have shown your capabilities across all these areas, your company will then have recognition for its competence, sustainability and commitment to road safety within haulage operations, illustrating that you are a forward thinking operator within the sector, just like the Watch It Come Down group!

For more information about the FORS scheme please visit

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